How can I get a CD copy of the download I ordered?

You can get a free CD copy of the latest version in addition to your download link.

Passport Music Software, LLC has its own CD manufacturing plant, so we ship only the latest and greatest versions available.

For just the price of shipping and handling, $10 ($30 outside US), we'll ship a new CD of the most up to date version of our products.

1) You may send us payment through PayPal by going to and selecting "send money". Please send it to "". 

2) You may mail us a check for $10 ($30 outside US). Include a note specifying the product/platform. Make the check payable to PASSPORTMUSIC and send it to: 

PO Box 2142
Flemington, NJ 08822 USA

(609)-450-7003 Fax 

You will use the same serial number for the CD copy as provided to your for the downloadable version.

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