How can I burn my Encore files onto an audio CD?

Encore creates music using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface.) MIDI signals can be used to control a synthesizer such as your sound card or an external keyboard. MIDI signals do not preserve the actual playback sounds - the only data used is the pitch, volume, and timing of each note. MIDI signals, in turn, "trigger" the synthesizer to play the notes, much like a piano roll "plays" a player piano. Burning a Midi file to a CD would not create a playable CD, it would only allow other computer users to open it and play it on their Windows Media Player with their own soundcard's sounds. 

To burn "real" CD's, the MIDI-based files you currently have must be "transformed" into WAV or MP3 digital audio files which consist of real recordings of the actual sounds - much like a tape deck recording. To record your MIDI-based files as WAV or MP3 digital audio files, you'll need to actually record your program file while it's playing. 
You can download a Free Sound recorder at 
Start both Encore and the Sound recorder. 
(Configure the Sound recorder to record to MP3) 
Press record on the Sound recorder then press play in Encore. 

After the Encore file is finished playing, press stop on the recorder. Save the resulting file as an mp3 file. You may want to trim the beginning and end to remove the extra silence. You can also normalize (set volume) add effects like reverb and echo, and do other processing, depending on the program you have. Now you should be able to use your CD-Burner's software to make a CD of your mp3 files. 
Make sure to purchase Blank Music recording CDs. 
There is some diference between regular Data CD and Music CDs
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