How do I upgrade to MusicTime Deluxe 4?

As a previous user of MusicTime, you qualify to purchase the new MusicTime (V4.0.4 for Windows or Mac) at the upgrade price ($49.99) or the New version of Encore 5.0.3 at the upgrade price of ($99.99) These new versions are fully compatible with WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, and Mac OSX 10.4 and higher. You will be able to open your old MusicTime files in the new version of MusicTime or Encore. 

If you would like to purchase that upgrade, please visit our website ( and go to the Buy Now page where you'll find all you need to point and click your way through an order. The MusicTime upgrade is $49.99 (+ $10 shipping & handling if you would like a CD copy rather than the downloadable version). or Encore at the upgrade price of $99.99 (+ $10 shipping & handling if you would like a CD copy in addition to the downloadable version) Upon completion, you should expect to receive CDs a week after (allow longer for international shipments) and downloads immediately. Both the CD and the download version include exactly the same software, including the manual in PDF format. 

We send customers all free updates via email rather than CD. You can get a CD copy of the latest version, but there's a $10 ($30 outside US) charge for the CD, shipping & handling. If you’d like to purchase that CD for $10 ($30 outside US), there are two ways to send us payment: 

1) You may send us payment through PayPal by going to and selecting "send money". Please send it to "". 

2) You may mail us a check for $10 ($30 outside US). Include a note specifying the product/platform. Make the check payable to "Passport Music Software" and send it to: 

Passport Music Software 
PO Box 8234 
Princeton, NJ 08543 
609-450-7003 Fax

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